The Reason Why…

To quote the old song, “Love is a Many Splendid Thing”.   It represents the greatest end in life.  Love has the ability to drive us to excellence and it also makes humanity act insane.  What power!  What promise!   No wonder people find themselves acting so irregular in elusive pursuit.  The crazies come out and march in lockstep with the possibility of becoming one with love.

Love is not something found by a logical journey nor through designated actions.  Our best efforts to capture it’s evasive hold finds us banging our heads in frustration.  The struggle leaves many so devestated they no longer function effectively in society.

Maybe the problem is that of common definition.  If there were a clear understanding of what love is then some confusion could be eliminated.  The problem is, to define something limits it and keeps that something from ever being completely true to it’s full potential.  Love is a lot like that.  It is not made to be understood instead it exists for the purpose of being experienced.

Love is not an object that is found for love is a true seeker not a hider.  Love looks for hearts that are willing recipients not demanding hearts that only look for fulfillment.  Love is not an emotional filler, it is a joiner of two beings into one.  Love does not create healthy beings from the unhealthy, instead love finds the healthy and makes them stronger.  Love is the great rewarder.

I find myself the very fortunate receiver of love.  I also find my desire to be a giver of love continually growing.  This I’m sure is a direct correlation.  Funny thing…the deeper love gets into your person the greater its need to be poured out upon others.

The sadness is greatest with those who have never participated in the complexities of love. Those who seek love only as a means to be appreciated.  One sided love is a lie.  Taking in love without giving it back is greed, it is selfishness personified.  True love is manifested when the joy of giving exceeds the pleasure of taking.

For many people their faith practice describes a loving God who is passionate about creation.  God greatly desires to become one with us and seeks to bring mankind into communion.  This love knows no boundaries.  It’s this kind of love that teaches how we are to likewise love others.  Let this love infuse your heart and the desire to be one with others then becomes instinctive.

“All you need is love”…to quote the Beatles.

Imagine the world that would create!

Love has taken me personally from the filth and despair I created with my life.  It has since provided me comfort and security.  It has formed a longing to expand my heart.  It has brought me back to life.  Love pushes me to new extremes.

Love to me came wrapped as a brunette named Maria.  What a gift.  I live with great thankfulness.


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