Darfur…Action Required

Recently, I watched a documentary on the horrible atrocities going on in Darfur.  This region is experiencing continuous violence on a level previously unspoken.  The killings taking place were beyond mere words.  It seems almost like a horrible video game the manner in which these people are being slaughtered.  Life holds no value, be it man, woman, or even child.  No one is spared from the destruction, no one is overlooked in this slaughter.

I’ve known this senseless loss of life occurring in Darfur has transpired for a period of time.  It isn’t like this just became front page news.  Ignoring this plight has been easy to be oblivious towards as it seems so far away and receives very little notice by the media.  Ignorance is a tool too often used as an excuse for not doing anything.  I wonder how ignorant we truly are?

Maybe the problem isn’t indifference but rather the inability to comprehend.  Speaking from my heart, I find the magnitude so tragic that my mind needs to ease the pain by segmenting the tragedy from my present reality.  By doing so I can go about my daily existence without a single care about the suffering taking place in Darfur.  I’m not sure how this occurs, but I’m certain I must not be alone in overlooking these evils.  I say this with confidence because the conversation never arises in my circle.  How do moral people sit by idly and not speak to these horrors?  Frozen indifference has historically allowed events of this magnitude to grow.  Where is the outrage?  Where is the collective call to stop this genocide?  Where is the gathering of humans devoted to helping preserve life coming to the defense of the helpless? 

This is a call for God’s people everywhere, no matter what your religious belief to come together and be the hand of God in Africa.  We can no longer sit by and allow this great loss of life to go unchecked.  It is imperative that conversations begin and awareness is brought to light so the excuse of ignorance is permanently sidelined.  Once we begin to acquire knowledge of evil then action is immediately demanded of us.  Sitting on our hands while evil is perpetrated equates us to the level of those physically causing the harm.

Sound the alarm!  Ring the bell! Shout from the street corner! Tell your friends!  Write a letter to the editor! Do anything to make this issue worthy of the 6:00 news.  We as a people can no longer sit by calmly and watch this occur.  Just because we don’t know what to do, doesn’t give us the freedom to fo nothing at all.

Maybe if our government weren’t so busy building American colonies and outposts around the world to better the good old USA we would have the resources needed to help those who can offer us nothing in return.  This is why America was founded, to be a safe haven to those wishing to avoid persecution.  It’s high time American citizens demand their government spend more time practicing the 10 commandments instead of just fighting for the right to hang them on a wall.

To my church friends, this is a pro-life issue.


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