A New Day, A New Hope…



Today, I again find myself in a position I had long since vacated.  I am again pleased to be an American.  It has been a very long time since I’ve had the ability to say this honestly.  Today…I’m so very proud!

Our country elected a fine leader, one who is both authentic and charismatic.  A person who challenges us to achieve, to become fully what we are deemed to become.  This man, while fully human, complete with flaws is the specific man needed to take our country back from the institution that has held it captive for so many years.  The challenge will be extreme, likened to pushing sludge uphill, but possible with a united effort of community.

For weeks I’ve listened and read about all the reasons why Barack Obama would not make a good president.  I’ve found myself knee-deep in debate on numerous occasions resisting the “good ole’ boy” network.”  The disturbing trend used to vilify an opponent were not only repulsive but also repugnant.  Church leaders who stated “a vote for Obama means you could not possibly be a  Christian.”  Fear may be a motivator for some church leaders, but not for seekers of truth and justice. 

My daughter asked me if Obama’s brother killed Americans.  This is what she picked up at school.  A classic example of children acting out what they hear in the home.  Fortunately, the confusion she felt was resolved by her mother who explained the reality of what she misunderstood.  I’m sure there will be much more disinformation spread and an agenda of half-truths will surface.  Of this we can be completely certain, opponents of change will fight with full resolve to make sure real change doesn’t take place.  Why be part of the solution when you can continue being part of the problem?

Today, we have hope that tomorrow can be different.  That for the first time the world knows the people of the United States want things to be different.  For the first time in a long time people around the globe will realize Americans are not all the same.  America now respects people of all backgrounds, each has the opportunity to achieve anything they want.

It was only forty short years ago that people fought for the rights of African-Americans to be treated with the same respect and rights as all others.  The civil rights workers who  fought so valiantly and sacrificed so much can take comfort knowing their efforts were not in vain.  This election was the culmination of a dream, a reality made real by a gifted Senator from Illinois.

This election was won because the youth of this generation joined together to overthrow a corrupt, power hungry government that had completely lost it’s way.  Just like the revolutionary youth of the 60’s, the young people of today knew how desperately change was needed and did whatever was required so it would come to fruition.  Without the mobilizing of our county’s young people this historic event would never have occured. 

So thank you for giving me and my family our country back.  Thank you for allowing me to share the goodness of the American way again with my children.  I’ve missed my country…I’m glad to have you back.


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