Southern Pride…

Driving through Columbia, South Carolina recently, I noticed an unusual shop near the highway.  “Southern Pride Shop” complete with the obligatory rebel flags adorning the establishment.  The large illuminated sign outside the store said, come see the large selection of Heritage Knives.  Heritage Knives?, what could possibly be the purpose of such an item?

I’m amazed that such a shop exists in this modern age.  At some point, one should think humanity would evolve to a more communal existence.  Maybe I live a sheltered life and fail to see outside my present reality. Do people really have need for such a place as this?   By the looks of the parking lot it seems the answer is a resounding yes.

Rebel Pride, Southern Heritage…call it whatever you wish.  The bottom line, it is based on hate.  Driven by divisiveness, us versus them.  Hate of an individual that is completely unknown.  Hate for a group of people based solely on the color of their skin.  Dislike for someone because they mistreated you or someone you know is understandable. Separate from people known for caused physical or psychological harm to you or yours, also understandable.  But to hate people due to something as uncontrollable as skin color, that’s just archaic.

I’ve heard too many comments from “good church going people” about our newly elected black president.  There seems to be a strong dislike for this man based solely on his skin color disguised as policy disagreements.  When away from groups I hear these “good church people” talking about how our new president won’t make it through his first term.  They couch their thoughts in phrases like, “them ole boys will take him out.”  The reality is these are thoughts owned and voiced through imaginary friends.  Classic example of cowardice.  This seems to be the standard.

Another means of fascination were the bumper stickers attached to the cars at the store that discussed the various interpretations of gun ownership.  Some of these wanted to remind the rest of us their constitutional right to own a weapon, while others were more aggressive daring one to try and take their guns away.  The NRA seems to have a strong foothold on this community.

I noticed two other bumper stickers shared by these comrades in arms.  One was a unified support of the McCain/Palin ticket and the other was reminding everyone that Jesus loves you.  Interesting.


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