Ultimate Authority…



In a post past, I engaged in a discussion with an old classmate and responded to inquiries relating to our differences in theology.  While we both believe in the value of the Christian experience, our differences lie in how they are fleshed out into the world.  The following is the second area of discussion with the question being “What is ultimate Authority?”


This was my response.


I’ve taken some time to consider your question. Certain national events have consumed my reality and not given me time to respond. I’m sure we differ as to enjoyment level of our next president, and that’s perfectly ok.
First off, the term ultimate authority is not a phrase that is common to my lips. So before you take a too sharp address to my definition allow me grace as to a minimized understanding.
Ultimate authority – I’m sure an easy answer would be God’s word. I would think that would give me a passing grade and all would be fine. So like all my answers relating to theology or philosophy a simple response will not suffice. So let me try to unload my thought process…
I am comfortable relating to eternal and everlasting God as ultimate authority. Without reservation, I accept God’s direction, provision, and love for me and those around me. I note that universal understanding of loving God, loving others, loving self leads to a more complete union/relationship with God. I would hope this point would not be in dispute.
As for how we understand God and come to relationship with the almighty is where many people need to separate.
God’s word as found in the bible is a tremendous source of inspiration, hope, and guidance for a people seeking after relationship with God. I find the truths found within its pages completely sufficient to point me in a direction that both cleaves me closer and accepts me when I distance myself from God’s love.
I’m careful to avoid bringing the bible into the trinity and actually making it worthy of worship. At no point are we asked to bring such veneration. The bible is a teaching tool; it is not the final tool of faith. It is similar to pointing to the moon at night and only seeing the upraised finger.
Jesus was a wonderful revealer of his Father by both his words and lifestyle. We see how he emulated the very characteristics which are found in God.
God is completely faithful to reveal himself to us in our hearts. Jesus’ sacrifice provided a means to that end. Through the Holy Spirit we can understand perfect love and presence. I personally think the reason why people never come to this awareness is prayer has been distorted for them. Quiet listening to the soft, gentle, calm, voice within is often drowned out with the repetitive droning found in most prayers. It’s completely understood that you can’t hear someone talking to you if you are constantly talking yourself.
I’m not sure where I’ve just taken us answering your question. We seemed to have rambled down and around many rabbit holes.



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