Another View of Dinner…

As noted in the previous post, our lovely and talented daughter Brittany was required to write a paper decribing an event.  She chose to write about dinner with the family.  The assignment had a second part as well.  She was required to write the same story from another persons vantagepoint.  Here is the same event as seen by Alainey in Britt’s mind.




“Oh,  no…he did not just say that. My name is ALAINEY, not ‘Lainey-Bob.’ I know he is perfectly ok with having like four hundred different names, but it doesn’t mean I am. In our house alone, we all call him something different. I call him R.C, Britt calls him Mike, Michayla calls him Daddy, and mom calls him all sorts of things. Why am I thinking this? Focus, Alainey, focus!  I hope Josh didn’t hear him…we just started going out…I don’t need that nickname going around school. I hope he didn’t see Josh’s arm around me…” I snapped out of my trance in just enough time to avoid running straight into the car door.


“How was your day, Lainey-bob?”

“Good…”, I responded. “Crap…I answered too fast. He SO saw Josh’s arm around me…crap, crap, crap!”

“So…who was the boy?” The pitch in R.C’s voice rose, as the question neared its’ end. I stepped into the car and fiddled around with my gorgeous new Juicy Couture jacket, trying to avoid the topic entirely.


            For the remainder of the drive home, R.C asks questions and I dodge them effortlessly through a series of subject changes. It seems that R.C is easily distracted. I point to a tree with the leaves still in tact, even with the below freezing temperatures. He begins to talk about how amazing the tree is and how God’s creation is so beautiful. When we get home supper is on the table. I am once again being questioned about Josh. “Damn…I thought he forgot about that.”  I decide to tell my family everything…it’s just easier that way. Throughout my rant, I continually glance over at my sister, who looks troubled.


“So how was your day, Brittany?” I say, hoping that the attention could now be focused on her instead of my currently pending relationship with Josh. (I say pending because my mother doesn’t exactly like the idea of her 14 year old daughter dating.)

            “Confusing. I don’t know…I’m having another ‘what the hell am I going to do with my life’ freak-out. How did you guys become so successful? I look at Mom and Mike, and I just get so scared that I will never measure up.” Brittany says, as her eyes begin to fill with tears.



            “ha…I knew that would get their minds off of Josh. Thank the Lord my sister is so screwed up…wow…I can’t believe I just said that…whatever. Thank you, Brittany!”  I look over to my parents, one of which has a comforting, yet strange smile etched onto his bearded face. “Brittany-Sue, when I was in college, I had NO idea I would end up being a stockbroker. Hell, fifteen years ago I had no idea. I have done everything from cleanin’ up Kennel crap, managing a restaurant and preaching, to construction, landscaping, and driving around in a truck delivering beer! It’s all about the journey! What you are doing right after graduation, I can guarantee you, is not what you will be doing fifteen years from now. Just worry about this semester, sweetie!” R.C always does have the right words to say when it comes to Brittany and her many ‘freak-outs”.

                        Rubbing my sister’s back, my mom looks at R.C and says, “What about your day honey, how was it?” Once again, his smile returned to his face. We then spend a majority of our time listening to R.C talk about golf balls. “This is why I don’t have friends over for dinner…” I think to myself as my parents get up and start dancing to some weird, old song. After dinner, my family sits in the living room and starts talking about the Notebook. As I am walking up the stairs, I hear R.C say, “Real men cry!” “Real men don’t watch the Notebook!” I say, as I head to my room.

            “Finally, some alone time. Are other families this bizarre? They can’t be. What am I going to do if I ever get the ‘ok’ to have Josh over? R.C is going to ask him all sorts of questions…then, he will probably dump me.”


            In the middle of my very own freak-out (Oh no…I am turning into my sister…), R.C opens my door. “Come downstairs, Lainey-Bob! We are going to watch the office!” I try to explain to him that I just don’t want to. As I am doing so, I unnoticeably scan his outfit. “Where do you even buy a shirt like that? Don’t people like smoke hemp or something?”  After about five minutes of me declining and of R.C strongly suggesting, I give in. I sit on the couch in between my two sisters and grab the some of R.C’s homemade popcorn. Looking around the room at my sisters, mom, and my hemp wearing, golf ball hawking, every now and again embarrassing step-dad, I come to a realization. “Josh would be lucky to meet my family.”


1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    January 28, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    Yes!! He would be lucky to meet your family. Brittany. I hope some where in your future (after you have done many other things (as Mike says) you will seriouly consider wiritng. It is a gift to be able to write like you can. Josh huh??

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