Prayer IV…

Prayer can either be the foundation of a belief system or the source of frustration that keeps us from true harmony with our creator.  De Mello pushes faith to places many find uncomfortable.  He makes prayer so simple compared to the teachings for many involving so many complexities.  These complexities seperate many from the loving embrace awaiting all of us.  Dr. De Mello takes questions and provides insightful response.

Prayer pt. III.

Here is the third of a four part series discussing prayer by the inspiring Anthony De Mello.  Careful attention to his teaching demands individual accountability to ones present reality.  While this may seem obscure to some, for those that see beyond the present, life long change becomes a viable option.  Be warned…The more times Dr. De Mello’s teachings are heard, more truths are revealed to the willing listener.

Prayer pt. II

Here is the second part of Anthony’s lecture on prayer.  Are you willing to look at things differently?  Wake up! and look at life as it really exists.  Coming to grips with truth brings great freedom.


If you’ve never heard of Anthony De Mello, you certainly have missed out on one of the greatest teachers of truth.  His gift of making the complex easily understandable will cement his legacy for many followers.  I will post his four part series on prayer here on my blog.