My Dream Team…

Christmas 2007 011

Blessings come in many forms, and my family is surely blessed.  As the school season unwinds for this year, we’ve had a great run.  Our five girls at various ages each have found their own path and doing an amazing job in the process.  Forgive me if I feel the need to brag a wee bit.

Brittany just finished her second year at FSU and what a year for her it’s been for this young lady.  She completed this semester with straight A’s.  She also was recognized for her writings and has been asked to contribute to an educational website directed at aiding incoming college students as they transition into the college experience out of high school.  Britt was just awarded a summer internship with a movie production company. 

Raleigh graduates from high school and has exciting plans for college.  She enjoyed a great senior year participating in cheerleading, yearbook, student government, and drama.  After getting accepted into college and receiving some scholarships the next stop is out west.  Off to Baylor University in Waco, Texas where many exciting life experience await.

Ashton also graduates from high school this year.  She participated in many activities and provided leadership to many as well.  FCA, Cheerleading, and Student Government were among the many organizations she contributed.  Ashton is heading to Texas for college where Baylor University has offered her many scholarships and will soon welcome her. 

Alainey enters the ninth grade after a scorching year of success.  Eighth grade just couldn’t contain all this child had to offer.  She completed the year with straight A’s.  She represented the county at a technology conference sponsored by Apple computers.  Her presentation drew compliments from technology leaders.  Alainey also won awards for her projects in poetry, video production, and writing. 

Michayla enters the third grade after a year of outstanding achievement.  She was recognized for her writing skills and volume of books read.  Excellent grades further memorialized this great year for her.  Her gymnastics ability also took the opportunity to shine.  She placed 5th on the beam and 7th on the floor in the state competition.  This strong performance gives  Michayla an opportunity to compete in the national competition next month.

Well done girls!  We are so very proud of each of you and your many accomplishments.