Me the feminist…

New Puppy 021

I hope my girls never settle.  I hope they never accept another’s viewpoint as their own.  I hope they take their lives to the extreme edge of life and fulfill all desires imaginable.

I’m a feminist! There it’s out there and I won’t back down from that statement.  I won’t modify nor debate limiting the definition of same.  I feel women are every bit as capable as men to do just about anything.  If we are truthful we men probably would say women are better in most areas.

My feminist outlook has been evolving for a period of time.  Something about being the father to five girls changes a man’s worldview by softening entrenched ideals.  All the images of manhood and life are slowly melted away when I think of my girls being denied every possible chance in life imaginable. 

I’ve taught my girls from the time they were old enough to understand, possibly long before that time as well.  They were challenged and encouraged to seek the highest level of life that their dreams would allow.  That there is no summit too high that can’t be reached nor any obstacle too powerful to overcome, dreams are to be lived out loud. 

The greatest dream crusher for the female species has been the church.  Men have used this holy writ to maintain power and control everyone else.  I feel sad when I stand to teach a bible story to children and weekly find the hero to be a man.  Who is the role model for our ladies of tomorrow?  Who is their hero? 

Sure the early church fathers threw a bone to the ladies by including the likes of Phoebe and Ruth.  It seems simply unimaginable that there were so few women of influence leading the charge during this very instrumental period of humanity.  I refuse to see modern life through the same misogynist eyeglasses used in days of old.

God doesn’t create two types of people, one to dominate and the other to be sub-servant.  I don’t see it that way.  I see God calling all his creation good and men and women equal.  That what is being a feminist means to me.  Seeing women as every bit equal to men.  In many ways, women would make better pastors than men.  Compassion goes much further than punishment.

Girls…seek out the most for you lives.  Stay away from people who try to keep you down.  You need no one else to either make you happy or to fulfill you.  The world prepares a banquet before you to enjoy.  Grab a plate and load up.  Don’t wait for any man to tell you when it’s your turn. 

There are mountains to climb girls…go get busy!