View From Down Below…

Fall 08 342

As the afternoon began to turn into evening, my dogs called my name wanting to share a walk together.  The sun was partially hidden behind the trees and the feeling of fall took over the summer day.  This was the kind of moment that needed to be spent in the outdoors doing something , anything , even if it wasn’t important.  Allowing the tranquility of this moment to pass with participation would be just short of criminal.

I took my beasties suggestion and walked them down to the golf course  for that was just a short hike down the hill.  The dogs needed a release of their pent up energy and immediately began to give each other chase.  Their energy was pouring out of them as they played joyfully on the fresh cut grass.  Tumble, chase, tug, chase, followed by more running.  Those dogs were being everything dogs are meant to be.  Dogs.  I think often about dogs, what a great life these animals have.  Imagine spending your days in full contemplation and still getting fed.  Every dreamer wishes for moments like these to share.

I sat down to watch the playful display and drink fully the moment.  Hitting golf balls now seemed such a low priority.  Allowing myself to be present in this moment  was the highest good I could provide myself.  Taking care of ourselves oftentimes just involves releasing our need for busy for moments of quiet.  This was one of those moments.

The dogs began to tire and the activity slowed eventually finding the dogs laying on the fairway panting heavily.  There we were three creatures finding solace in the cool breeze in that late afternoon.  I looked back towards the top of the hill and there he stood.  Majestic and proud.  Regal and aloof.  He encompassed all these.  The dogs were unaware of  the new eyes that now watched them.  They were spectacular.

Church is meaningful as it allows us time to reflect on the divine and share moments of authenticity with like minded people.  There is great value in the process and time spent focusing on creating a better way to live based on love.  This was very much like church.  God looked at me through the eyes of this deer and I heard eternity yell my name. 

The buck soon was spooked and ran off leaving me to relish having more time watching this wonderful creature.  My hairy friends decided the time for stillness was over.  It was time to get up and move on to another adventure.  I agreed.

Life down here isn’t too bad.