Wisdom of Nothing…

Thanksgiving 08 041

There he sits, content with this moment, unaware that the weatherman is calling for more rain, he just sits there.  His focus is completely centered on the buzzing object that circles his furry head.  He cares little for my missed golf outing…when you get right down to it, he doesn’t care about much that seems to bother me.  This dog lives a life to envy.

Damn dog.

While I struggle with the next sale or who needs a ride where, he just stares off into the horizon seeing eternity through eyes that I seem to miss.  He is only interrupted when the bee comes back to torment him and feels the need to follow its circuitous flight.  What are you looking at I wonder, what are you thinking about?  He could never explain it to me.  I lack the reality to live in this moment in the same fashion.

Vanishing life

I’ve lost the wonder to stare off into the possible.  Sitting still and watching the leaves dance in the wind is beyond my attention level.   I’m too busy to slow down and watch the bee fly around and around and around, or too proud.  I long to listen as the creek trickles down the rounded rocks and drift away.  My mind is too congested with needs to be alone with my thoughts these days.   He misses none of it.

Slow down and live says the wise one.

I’m so busy yet so alone.



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