The Magic Tree

The shady spot under the tree asks me to sit down and visit for a spell.  We’ve not been together for awhile, so the invitation is readily accepted.  The shady spot offers me a cool release from the attaching heat surrounding me in every direction.  What a welcome relief this is.  This should be a good visit.

I find myself reclining against the tree and notice a part of me that I had been missing too long has suddenly enjoined us.  I recognize this realm by the peace and calmness that becomes my present experience.

No sound is heard but the quiet.  No emotion felt but contentment.

I’m asked why I don’t come out and visit more often.

I have no answer.


1 Comment

  1. Mom said,

    June 1, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Beautiful like you. Visit more often for both of us. I used to have a big rock up in the woods under a tree. Only place I remember peace at that time.

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