His Turn…

My fundamentalist roots have taught me the urgency of expressing my faith and sharing it with others.  It also taught me to think of this moment as vital to the outcome of the rest of eternity.  While there are limited parts of this thinking I might now tend to agree with, much I no longer concede.  I’d like to think God plays a larger part in his creation and the control thereof.  If God is dependent upon me for the wheels to keep spinning, well this is going to be a bumpy ride.

My faith has evolved to a more mysterious place of late where God can be God and I can be, well, me.  The pressure to perform and keep the world whole and happy is more than I can bear nor be expected to succeed.  While this has been my mental process for quite a while now, I want to make this public proclamation.  I’m not going to be helping God out anymore; I think he has it under control.

My role is going to be that of a servant who helps out and seeks to avoid the spotlight the performance ministry of my younger days encourages.  You’ll find me trying to befriend the friendless, help the helpless, and welcoming in the castoffs of society.  The fight for the underdog will find my support as will resisting the advancement of anger.  I seem to be more comfortable around the church’s interpretation of “sinners” anyway, so that’s where you’ll find me if you set out to look.  I think I’ll just work on being a good friend going forward.

Goodbye created order, hello reality.

Let go and let God.


1 Comment

  1. Don Harp said,

    May 29, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Well stated. Good advice for us all.

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