The Ring…

I’m performing in a local theatre production and the part I play requires me to be a bumbling philanderer who finds himself caught up in a web of deceit.  The show is really funny.  The premise while it sounds entertaining, which it is, requires me to act in a fashion that has long passed from my person.  Playing pretend is fun for adults too not just children.

After doing a full dress rehearsal it was pointed out that I need to remove my own wedding ring so the audience wouldn’t be confused by my actual married status.  My character isn’t married and wearing a ring would make the storyline quite confusing to the careful observer of which I’m told we have many.

The removal of my wedding ring was a significant undertaking as I’ve not taken it off for many years.  I rather enjoy having it on.  Each time I look at the ring I’m reminded of the beautiful gift provided me and the daily opportunity to love and be a better human being.  With significant effort after soaking my hand in ice water, the ring was finally freed despite my finger’s strenuous objection.

As I look at my now empty finger, the dull shine of the gold band is missing, yet something else stands out.  There where once the symbol of my undying affection once existed now another band has taken its place.  This new band was formed from years of wear on my finger by my wedding ring and this band possessed so much more character.  Character formed from the many choices made to bring love to fruition in our lives.  Character formed from trials and hardships learning to appreciate the differences that make us now happier.  Character formed from raising children and watching them grow, evolve, and become.  Character formed from a commitment that can say, “I’ll be with you tomorrow and forever.”

I look today at my empty hand with much joy.  The outer ring made of precious metal is there only for show that others may consider.  The ring that I now see, created by our time together, that’s the ring that really matters most.  This one is just for us.

Contented and at peace today.


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