The Show…

Hearing the rapturous applause, I stood still and drank in the achievement.  This was a mind blowing event.  I’ve never encountered such a moment as this.  In my nearly 50 years walking this earth I never encountered such a truely moving experience.   My actions have caused this audience to gasp, laugh, clap, cheer, and now stand to their feet with appreciation.  Mind you I’m very aware that this production was a team effort and each led amazingly to the final successful affirmation.  But right now I’m choosing to be selfish and just focus on me.  I walk as though my feet slide across the air touching nothing.  This is a moment meant not to be forgotten.

Laughter is a tremendous gift to provide others.  For those two plus hours, members of the audience thought nothing of their own needs, their own sadness, and their own desperation.  For a little more than two hours these people were transported to another place and time where reality doesn’t matter, and this moment is the epicenter of life.  This is the place where for a brief period in time, the present reality can be enough.

If I’d known all of this about performing in theatre I certainly wouldn’t have waited until I was 45 to begin.  But this much I’m sure, I’m glad I did at least start.  I found a gift within me I previously failed to understand.  I’ve now found a means to make others smile.  I think this is an important vehicle that needs to be unleashed and allowed to roam free.  I love the idea of making others happy.  It’s a great feeling.

Today I’m resting ever so briefly in the moment I was privileged enough to share.

Theatre does make a difference.  I’m grateful for being allowed to play.  I may be growing older but I’m not giving up just yet.


1 Comment

  1. Mom said,

    June 16, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    You have a gift and are enjoying it = and sharing it. Not bad kiddo. Love you and are proud of you.

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