Tired of Being Played…

I’ve been thinking much lately about politics both locally and nationally.  Each time I see some blow hard buff themself up on TV while the cameras role I can’t help but giggle.  I wonder if these politicians actually think many of us take their passion seriously?  I think this to be a redundant question as many do, unfortunately, believe all and embrace the rhetoric as their own.

This belief may not be shared by all but I certainly embrace it as truth.  We’re being played!  We are but pawns in a giant chess game played by a limited number of elite leaders we’ve empowered.  I hear so much about how everyone is so frustrated with our government yet I see so little being done about it.  Have we as a people just accepted this?  When have we decided this existence represents normalcy?

Sure, people will spout off…”that’s just what the Tea Party is trying to accomplish.”  All I can do is smile at the naivety of such a claim.  The Tea Party is just an aggressive arm of the Republican Party on steroids.  What about the Coffee Party?  Again, they are just an arm of the Democratic Party on anxiety medication.  Neither will accomplish anything except draw attention to each group through carefully edited sound bites.

The passion found in so many faithful church followers for the Republican Party is beyond sad, it’s desperate.  Somehow thinking this group of manipulators represents more morality and honor reeks of stinkin’ thinkin’.  Talk about being used.  For one moment to think the Republican Party cares about the Christian community other than a means to carry a voting block is silly.  In this case people are not being played as pawns but as checker pieces.

Don’t get me started with the Democratic Party.  Talk about a useless organization.  I find the only value in the modern Democratic Party is to oppose the Republican Party and that seems to be a great value.  All heart but no means to follow through or accomplish anything, that seems to define this group.

Until this country brings about an opportunity for a true third-party organization.  A party that can compete equally and govern fairly, allow for actual debate, until then our country remains stuck in this standstill.  We need a third-party to get this country out of the mess it’s currently in.  Only when groups and people can be held accountable and not allowed to play the common man can politics bring true value to our country.

Our current system allows our two parties to fight like cats and dogs when the lights are shinning and then get behind closed doors and drink together like frat brothers.  The laughter they must have at our expense.  It’s beyond time to break up this party, fight for REAL change.  What we have is too much like professional wrestling for my taste.

Feel free to visit the website for The Green Party.  www.gp.org


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