Rocky’s Coming to Town…

I get less and less capable of accepting thinking promoted by small-minded church goers each and every day.  People who seem to understand their grasp on the world represents the interests of the almighty and they are the sole messengers of eternal truth. This same truth seems to only be somehow revealed to these extremists and the rest of us are nothing more than a floating particle drifting aimlessly in the vacuum of the universe.  I wonder… no, that doesn’t really do justice to my lack of comprehension; I’m befuddled how I read from the same writ of hope and walk away with such drastically different conclusions.

Our community theatre has recently chosen to do a production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which granted isn’t everyone’s favorite blend of coffee.  Yet, it’s an opportunity to bring people together for fun, festivity, and frolic.  The town makes Halloween evening a large event that brings about community, the kind so described in the teachings of the master.  The kind where people of all stripes come together to enjoy the oneness we all share.  Young and old, rich and poor, locals and visitors, as well as people with accents and those without, each coming as life currently finds them.  Community isn’t a melting pot where all are unified in thought and mind resulting in a society of clones incapable of original thought.  Community is where people who have differences work together to appreciate what the other brings to the table in life and celebrate the finished product.

So the big Baptist church has come to the conclusion that this production is harmful to the children and will lead to eventual eternal destruction of the town.  Really?  Instead of working to help those with real problems; lack of housing, hungry children, unwanted babies in foster care, grim employment options, and racism.  Instead of working towards a solution to these very real problems, this local church is using its energy and resources to protest a silly show that makes no claim toward anything other than entertainment.

This is the mentality that tells us to stay away from Halloween for fear of the evil influences that hide in the shadows seeking damnation to those unsuspecting participants.  These same purveyors of promise who previously told us we should avoid Disney World because fantasy fun parks that allow everyone to enter without passing an entrance exam are harmful to the family.  Yet, these same ideologues will promote fear and evil based entertainment that advances a crazed fundamentalist perspective, like the” Left Behind” series of heresy.

As I get older I find myself less tolerant of the intolerant.

I can’t wait for the Rocky Horror Picture Show to come to our community theatre.  I’ve loved the silliness of the show since I was a stupid zit faced teenager.  Bring on the zaniness, bring on the extreme, bring on the outlandish…it’s all in good fun.

Someone tell the zealots of faith that fun is not a crime.  Maybe if they had a little more fun they wouldn’t be such miserable creatures.  These are the monsters we should be afraid of by protesting their influence on our children.

“Let’s do the Time Warp”


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