Huh? What’d you say?…

The less I hear these days, the more I really hear.

I’ve noticed lately that I need to turn the TV set up louder and louder.  I find myself asking my wife to repeat herself with too great an occurrence.  When my youngest speaks to me I seem to pick out only about 75% of what she is saying.  Don’t get me started on what it’s like to talk with someone in a room where others are speaking as well.  I find myself smiling like an idiot and kindly agreeing because I can’t make head or tails out of anything being said.

It’s time to face the facts…I’m losing my hearing and I can’t ignore the inevitable any longer.

As this awareness has overtaken me I’ve become more aware of what it is I can hear.  I find myself closing my eyes often listening with greater concentration to the little sounds I’ve ignored and given  minimal attention.  So much that has been taken for granted and not valued, only when presented an oncoming limitation does true importance arise.

Lying in bed at night listening attentively to the pulsing breath of my wife as she sleeps so soundly, hearing the dog stretch his body and roll over on the carpet time and time again, the soft roar outside of the crickets and cicadas as they sing their respective songs of slumber.  I hear the click of the air conditioner on the thermostat as the cooling begins again for the evening.

If I am really still, if I really concentrate, I can hear the faint sound of my own breath.  That’s me I hear!  The slow, deliberate inhale of pure life followed by the same determined exhale of the toxins that seek to destroy me is a reminder of a gift. I am alive!  The creator has put this all in place within me so that I can better understand and experience the wonder and grace of humanity.

Maybe I’m grateful this auditory event has taken place and caused me to slow down and think ever so inwardly.  Focus on the moment, seize now, become one with the present.  This is what the masters of old have told us we need to do to see God.  Maybe they were on to something.

I had a visit last night and it was spectacular.

Slow down and be at peace.  Be still and see God.


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  1. Mom said,

    July 29, 2010 at 11:33 am


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