He Protest Too Much…

Each day listening to different people spout off opinions as to why our President is the worst human ever to be born to a woman gets tiresome.  It matters not if I’m at Rotary, at the golf club, at a convenience store, or even around church people…our President seems, at least to these decided folks, a colossal toe jamb stepping in every wet pothole imaginable.  Really, is he truly that bad?

The speaker today at Rotary gave a motivational speech about how to stay positive by keeping distance from the negative influences around us.  He used all the clichés most other speakers have likewise claimed as their own original thought.  But this guy did something rather curious.  He went on a rant about our president and showed his partisan leanings without any filter.  He certainly has a right to such views however misguided they might be.  But to stand before an unknown audience and alienate potentially half the crowd just seemed stupid.

The same mouth that was telling us to avoid the negative people in our life spews out negativity without any consideration as to its offense.  After a while, it became extremely easy to tune out the rantings and focus on my breakfast and the unusually fine tasting coffee prepared that morning.  Breakfast became quite a treat after that.

So here’s my vent…You can be completely entrenched in your political persuasion and live your life with passionate following to those beliefs.  But accept the fact that others likewise have deep rooted values and beliefs that differ from yours.  Neither is entirely correct and neither is completely wrong.  Think for a moment about the negatively one puts out there.  Find the good and take the step to acknowledge that as well.  Believe it or not, no matter what one feels about this administration, good things HAVE come from it.

So if you desire yourself to being taken seriously, don’t accept the notion that it’s fashionable to critique everything this President does.  It not only makes one look and sound unintelligent, its shuts down effective dialogue.  We need to hear each other and communicate.  If we shut down and ignore the conversations nothing will get accomplished.  The speaker was right about one thing, if we continue to pour out negativity, we too become part of the problem.  Be the solution.



  1. Jerry said,

    August 19, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Man, I miss all of the good breakfasts!

    Nicely said, Fish, nicely said.

  2. Dad said,

    September 11, 2010 at 8:08 am

    well spoken, I only wish the politicoes running for various offices would listen to some of their ads, then realize their negativity of opponents only serves to turn many, like me, off.

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