Are You Up?

I found myself awakened this morning by an inner drive emanating from time eternal, one needing my entire focus and attention.  As I looked at the bedside clock, the numbers read 5:07 am.  For some strange reason the numbers seemed much bolder and vibrant than I previously remembered, almost like I needed to be aware of this moment in time.  Rolling back over to sleep would have been a simple action requiring very little determination, yet this voice seemed to call out to me from within with urgency.  In the few years of stability in my otherwise frantic existence where I’ve lived slightly awakened to reality, I’ve learned to listen to this voice and when it calls out to me I eagerly follow it’s lead.

I pranced gingerly out of the bedroom so as to not wake up my sleeping bride and went to the den where I then sat quietly enjoying the warm embrace of early morning solitude.  As I sat I reflected on the various aspects of love I’ve come to appreciate and accept.  I had moments seemingly frozen by time as I considered the depth of gratitude I have for the life I live and those that frame my world. Then everything just suddenly stopped and became still, I now sat encompassed in the seat of wholeness, the place where life exists for everyone.  Soon I found the quiet, the mystical place where connection begins to form a shapeless creature into a being of boundless opportunity, the first step on the stairwell to eternity, the very portal to inner pleasure and comfort.   I was alone with my creator.   This is what I was awakened for, a chat.

Today I was invited over to a dear friend’s house for an personal visit.  This kind friend is much more important than any others that I interact with on any level.  My dear friend reminded me I was special and cared about deeply.  I was also encouraged to share hope with others who lack such possibility.   Really, there was no great message or understanding shared by my guest, just an awareness and preparation for another day.  Life is good.

Just today, I’m going to live a good life.  I’ll worry about tomorrow another day.



  1. mark manche said,

    March 31, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    The dude can write. nice.Be grateful for those kind of friends. Many of us don’t have that, even in a mate. It’s a good gift

  2. Bodee D said,

    April 1, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    What you experienced was a glimpse of the truth: You don’t exist. Take a look, it’s true.

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