Rambling Nothing…

I want to forever be known as a person who cares.  You know, that guy who speaks to everyone and greets all with a warm hug.  The kind of individual whose actions define him and the words that leave his mouth only complimented the life lived.  To be an example of generosity who gladly sits at the same table with those who are very much like him as well as those who reflect very little similarity of belief.

I don’t want to be represented by a label or term that determines my every thought or consideration.  Who needs any more obligations in this life?  A soul being held hostage to a way of life that is in constant flux and overseen by others sparks little or no interest for me.  When people see me I want them to see a reflection of hope, a promise that kindness exists in a huge way in present form.  A person whose scale of being tips precariously towards generosity, thankfulness permeating each breath as my feet touch the ground in the morning…now that’s something to shoot for.

Recently, when walking through the woods, I’m became acutely aware of the calmness that instantly took over my mind, I find myself lost in an otherworld of ethereal beauty.  I enter into a place I’ve once encountered in an earlier time, a safe place.  Peace floods my heart and oneness with something greater overcomes me.  A magical and mystical union of mortality with divine, a taste of eternity, this seems what creation is designed for.  Finding time alone along an undisturbed creek basking in the warmth of sunlight poking through the canopy, this is who I really am.  Faith in God is easy in moments like these.

Maybe I need more time in sanctuary, perhaps this is what will make me more of the man I desire.  No phone, no TV, no computer, no nothing…disconnected, just the way it should be.

Seeking Peace.



  1. Don Harp said,

    May 20, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Very well stated, my friend. Those are the ideals that all of us should be in the quest for every moment of our lives. Thanks for the reminder to all of your readers of what life really should be all about. You have unlocked the secret.

    I wish that I could spend more time in peaceful serenity in the woods where there are no political or social battlefields.

    Carpe diem, DH

  2. Kristin Brænne said,

    May 20, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Be a ★

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