Glad You’re You…

I couldn’t be more proud.

Today my lovely, brilliant, and highly determined wife finishes her degree program.  Who says dreams delayed can’t bring fullness and satisfaction to a life?  To see her maintain such focus throughout this endeavor all the while still working, being a great mom and a wife of unmatched kindness, has been a lesson equaled by very few.

My love will soon graduate with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University.  This degree she obtained with a level of performance recognized with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude acknowledging the intensity of her studies.

Your daughters see in you a modern woman who tackles objectives directly without fear and lives her life with success and charm.  You are my dear, an amazing role model for others to emulate.

As a young bride with a child, educational opportunities were kept from you as the priorities of life called you to raise a family.  A task you relished and accomplished willingly to the good fortune of your daughters.  As life allowed you saw a window to continue to improve yourself professionally and embraced the challenge.  When most of your peers were playing Bunko, you were buried deep in your books.  Free time for you meant uninterrupted periods of study.  The example of fortitude you set forced our girls to liken their study habits and seek excellence for their own lives desiring to be just like the mom they love so much.

So here you are.  A graduate.  A professional with all the training and designations necessary to accomplish your dreams.  Dreams that happened in their own time but happened for you none the less.  My prayer is that your dignity and perseverance will challenge others to likewise not accept anything but all of the heartfelt goals life has to offer.  I know many are inspired by you and value what you’ve done with your life.

I love watching you be you.


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