What’s the Difference?

Recently I heard a report centered around the topic of campaign finances.  This particular discussion happened to point out Sarah Palin, now I don’t think she is anything unique in this discussion but she just happened to be the topic of conversation.

Turns out the vast majority of donations she received were under $200.00 most coming from hard working families who share a belief with Mrs. Palin about the danger of the world unless she is running it.  Let’s leave that last sentence alone and let it stand without further comment.

Again, this is not an attack on Palin, as I’m sure most other politicians are equally as useless.  What struck me is the parallel between televangelists and far right wing politicians.

The followers of Mrs. Palin are told that they need her (or her type) to stand in the gap between the decent people of the world and all the evil that surrounds them.  She portrays herself as a modern day “Wonder Woman” who will fight to make the world a safer and more Christian place to live.

Contributions pour in from the people most unable to give to these politicians that need to have a custom bus wrapped with slogans as they tour the country asking for more donations, errr, support.

One doesn’t have to watch too many Christian TV preachers to hear the same message  blasting out of the tube.  Support our ministry and we will make this country the Godly place you desire.  We will fight the bad guys (people who don’t think like us) and make conformity a virtue for all to enjoy.  This is what our country was founded for.

So what’s really the difference?