Rebel Pride…

Opportunities to teach our children happen all the time, the problem is we often aren’t paying attention to those teachable moments.  As a father who seems to live his life in a perpetual fog it’s nice when I manage to catch something useful that’s basically dropped in my lap.  Some children are gifted with parents who live lives of razor-sharp precision and catch the wave life provides, others, like mine, spend their lives trying to not be as clueless as their dear old man.

I recently took Boo to see “The Help” which by the way was an excellent movie.  She was enthralled by what she saw take place on the screen and asked many questions about why the maids were all black people and were treated so poorly.  If I’ve done anything right as a parent it’s been to clarify the unity of the races and not show any divide whatsoever.  Since she had been learning about the civil war this past week in school she carried an affinity for the subject of slavery and segregation.  Since I’m a Yankee I have an opinion about these events and try to pass these thoughts to my children, depending on where you were born this may be a good thing or a bad thing.  As we left she was moved by the harshness portrayed by the southern women who managed the many maids.  She saw an evil unfamiliar to her sheltered mind and couldn’t understand how people could be so mean.   She pondered out loud, maybe it’s just the way they were raised and they don’t know better as she grasped for a reasonable rationale to such meanness.

Driving home we found ourselves behind a beat up pick up truck with the required gun rack in the window and anti-Obama sticker prominently displayed on the rear bumper.  What made this vehicle stand out from the other trucks in our region was the huge rebel flag that flew from a post stuck in the rear bed.  My little girl asked about this flag and I explained this flag represented all that was bad about the movie we just saw.  It’s people trying to say they are proud the be connected to the mean spiritedness, evil, and all the horrors that this era represented.  Why would anybody want to be known as liking something so bad she asked?

That’s a question we all have to ask isn’t it?

She said to me, didn’t they learn this behavior was wrong in church?  I answered sadly, that is where most of them learned it.


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  1. Mike Coleman said,

    August 29, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Wonderful entry, Mike.Very well done.

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