The King…

I speak and the subjects arise;

they hear my voice and come to attention.

Great is the desire to please this man they call king.

Commands are met, none ignored, all fulfilled with great respect and excitement.

Scraps of my bounty carry more value than the rarest stone.

The eyes firmly locked awaiting the slightest gesture of acknowledgement.

Seated in the throne of position, contentment finds them at my feet.

An emperor to these hairy beasts I relish contentedly.

A slobbering serfdom.

It’s great to have a dog.

The Law…

Not knowing the rules makes the game dreadful to play.

Changing to fit the season.

Confusing times as obedience needn’t comply

Seeking justice.

Elusive, slippery, and ever so evasive.

Does the pendulum swing both ways?

My Piano Man…

His fingers danced along the keys

bringing melody to all present.

The expression of generosity played

till the last request was shouted.

A man so unlike any, a peaceful being

about the business of kindness.

A memory of a life lived completely, without regret

hoping to reflect the man I loved.

The lessons caught from the example given

challenge me to hug more and argue less.

…Just be nice I hear faintly whispered in my ear

9/11, A Remembrance…

We sat transfixed that morning starring at the computer screen.  A live feed from New York had our attention.  Completely unaware of what we were watching…maybe it was just disbelief.   Though there were a large number around me the silence was haunting.  We watched as suddenly a large ball of fire erupted out of the building and the bedlam that immediately followed.  We saw what seemed to be flying blobs fall from the building, soon we would sadly learn these were people.  As the amazement of the spectacle grew so do our confusion as to what it was that had us so transfixed upon that screen. Images of tragedy take over our television screens daily, but they never seemed this real and personal.  For the first time in many of our lives we were able to feel empathy for others who deal with such horrors regularly.

Not too many months prior I sat with my breakfast looking out the massive windows that showcased a view of New York meant only for dreamers and artists.  I pressed my face firmly to the glass and as I was looking down I remember seeing helicopters flying way below this vantage point.  These looked like flies just buzzing about without understood rational.  Sharing this meal with friends at ‘Windows of the World’ atop the World Trade Center gave my heart the same feeling as seeing The Magic Kingdom for the first time for a child.  Now here I sat in a place I never remotely dreamed of, first off ever even seeing up close but now actually inside at the very top.  My mind was racing as so many thoughts danced about in my head, amazing experiences have a way of doing that.  I couldn’t speak but just starred in wonder.

The shock of seeing fellow humans plunge to their deaths united us in this communion of sorrow.  Then it happened.  It just came out of nowhere.  “Is that another plane?” someone shouted.  We each witnessed what seemed like a movie taking place in real life, the plane just flew directly into the other tower.  Our collective heartbeats slowed to a crawl as each acknowledged what had just taken place.  Another eruption followed by great swells of fire thrusting out of every available crevice of the building.  This building too was now overcome with fire.

Below the World Trade Center was an expansive mall filled with every type of shop imaginable.  As we walked through I found myself stunned by the sheer volume of people walking through this shopping area so early in the morning.  While I had traveled some and seen great crowds before, nothing prepared me for what I saw on this venture in New York City.  People of every stripe coming from all directions heading purposefully to a future destination.  I imagine if viewed from above it would resemble ants attacking an unguarded picnic, coming and going with but one purpose in mind.

There was a eerie doom that began to envelope the drama as now unfolded.  The phrase, ‘the quiet before the storm’ seemed a perfect definition to this unimaginable moment.  Almost as if on cue the first tower began to implode and crumple down upon itself.  Floor after floor like a frightening series of dominos the building came down until it collapsed into a ball of dust the would blacken everything nearby.  Unable to comprehend what we were witnessing and speak to each other about our own internal fears we each just starred at that little screen on the computer monitor.  Without warning the second tower followed suit of the earlier downward destruction and likewise fell into a pile of death clouding all from its core. So this is what evil looks like I thought quietly.

Calls to friends and workers in New York went unanswered.  The great unknown left many of us saddened for we knew  what we had just seen and what it meant, but that which we didn’t know would cause us even more concern.   It would be many days before we heard from anyone and when we did those calls were brief as they were so overwhelmed by what they had personally witnessed and experienced.  Our phone at the office began to ring and ring as clients, friends, and family members checked to make sure none of us were there when this happened.

Many years later I would go to the site of where the World Trade Center once stood.  By now it was just a massive hole in the earth.  The debris was gone but the sorrow could be found everywhere.  We stood and starred at this enormous grave sitting in the middle of Manhattan again unable to speak.  Something words get in the way of emotions and quiet speaks the hearts desires with great lucidity, this was one of those moments.  I found myself rushing away from the site towards a nearby  construction fence where I vomited and began to cry.

Many were effected by this tragic day.   I’m sorry for your loss.

I remind myself each day that hurt isn’t resolved by anger, only love.

We have to move forward now.