A Mighty Wind…

He looked a little strange this morning,

like something was a flutter.

The eyes told me he didn’t understand

just what was happening to him.

I watched him process this uncomfortable event,

again and again, I began a snicker.

The escape must have provided him a tickle,

and the sound, foreign and unnerving.

A big and powerful dog…brought down to tears

from a lowly fart.

Why is this happening to me he whimpered?

Please make it stop.

Each release jolted him into a sprint as he tried to escape…

looking back, making sure he wasn’t caught by this hideous creature.

His eyes scanning his past preparing for future attacks,

seeking relief at my feet, only finding a master’s laugh.

This I accept only as the air remain pure,

otherwise the laughter is best shared with the squirrels outside.

This poor beast.


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