The assemblage brings seekers each trying to find their way,

entering the hall where nothing and everything awaits.

Small talk for the nervous newcomers, what will we do?

Those with history stay to themselves, keepers of a fraternal truth.

A shared meal and brief instruction and silence begins,

speaking is no longer verbal but just nods and grins.

We are collectively alone yet completely one

seated in rows, legs crossed, looking into forever.

Breathing is heard, is this mine or theirs?

Inward so peaceful, the exhale with purpose.

Time dissipates and reality becomes now,

the vision of life begins to appear.

A center, a place or a being unknown,

the beauty of creation opens before me.

The gong quietly rings and I am forcefully removed

from a place I long to stay.

Eyes open, looks of joy from so many fellow travelers

faces telling of a wonderful journey.

As one we are guided to our rooms for sleep,

anxious to start early the next day.

Rest comes quickly, yet I’m awake before the sun,

ready to encounter peace once again.

No one is tardy for such an experience.


Wall of Honor…

I’ll never understand the need to boast

yet pride fills the air.

Men determined to brag about this like it

is a sign of machismo.

Seldom do I stand at a public urinal and not take notice

of these trophies ever before me.

What makes a man decide to dig deep into his nose

while peeing?

With one hand occupied, the other holds the prize,

this one will do just fine, mounted now to the wall.

Why must man forever brag his is much bigger than yours?

A gallery of goo stares back at me,

suddenly the urge for a meal dissapears.

The Table…

While chewing the homemade bread, still tasting the flavor of grape,

my eyes look back.

Time holds it’s place as eternity become part of the present.

I see my daughters sharing this table of togetherness,

offering themselves to this mystery called faith.

Prayers for struggle and questions to abound,

make this life of truth one that remains pure for them.

No simple answers, no mindless chants,

a life formed from wrestling for love.

Children get older, decisions all their own,

choices now made without me.

As they swallow the bread of communion

let them be drawn forever to the circle that binds.


No More…

Still feeling the pain of younger days, unable to forget,

not wanting to be like the man, this action I deny.

A child’s path forged from fear and avoiding bloodshed,

not from love and desire for good.

This parent will not inflict such measure,

response to love a chance to take.

The act of defiance too much to miss,

Daddy painted in a corner.

Understanding evades, one last appeal,

No return, discipline a must.

Wooden spoon in hand, her eyes enlarge,

my heart sinks, a swat echos, the deed done.

She looks with surprise, reminding me it’s alright,

Sadness at what’s occurred.

Fear of what I’ve become.

The spoon is broken, a pledge made,

Off I wander for a place to be alone

And cry.


Eyes closed, unobstructed sight,

silence loudly proclaims.

The sound of breath,

Inward… freshness flows


Stillness of being, completely present.

All is soon lost..yet nothing evades,

calm, serenity, stillness.

Connection to forever seated on a zafu.

A Friend Delayed…

Though conversations and visits are few,

the desire to care remains.

History gives vast opportunities to create a bond

that exists without the slightest mention.

But when the call comes, a smile warms my face,

we pick up without a pause, time again.

A friend delayed.



Where have you gone oh friend of before,

once so close, waking breath to connect anew.

Books were read, songs sung, prayers ushered to stay near.

Content to follow, passion to belong,

marching in agreed lockstep, boldly to proclaim.

Today I gaze out the window reflecting a simpler day,

knowing the hopeful grasp returns empty.

Is desire the only thing that kept me true?

Questions flood while resolving answers evade,

Sunday’s procession gives way to creation’s mighty call.

Disingenuous repetition brings no relief,

just more spirals of madness to mind.

Emptiness fills a longing, why am I not sad?

Only certainty is doubt…why pretend.

Peace has found me where I am.



I wonder why your head doesn’t hurt,

how your eyes see only once and not three

as you cling there banging your head forcefully into the tree.

A red tuff proudly proclaiming your name,

a silhouette of percussion hoping for a prize.

This drummer boy playing his song to creation, tapping rhapsody, keeping time.

Noticeable quiet arrives our player now sadly gone.

New adventures await as he calmly takes to the skies.

The Bad Tooth…

Eyes enlarged… focused on the unknown,

fear grips and holds tight the little girl.

Standing close to daddy, I feel her pressing to my side.

Whispers “you won’t leave me alone will you?”

“Promise you’ll stay with me.”

The dentist shows a caring air,

yet calm still hasn’t found my girl.

The mask goes on, a father sits helplessly in trust of a stranger,

as his baby is relieved of reality.

Shiny tools surround the chair, each with the goal of correction,

unaware of the grinding cuts, the tooth is finally freed.

Up she sits with a throbbing ache where the problem once was,

make it stop, it hurts she cries.

I hold her tight wanting to absorb her pain,

tears stream down reddened cheeks.

I choke back my inner cries,

feeling that I’ve not protected her.


Dread comes not from the onset of Monday,

but from the loss of the weekend.

Time spent with my bride, somewhat uninterrupted,

but focused and together.

No thought of work, no care for the phone, and sleeping late.

Those two delightful days following Friday,

celebrate the full spectrum of our lives together.

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