The Bad Tooth…

Eyes enlarged… focused on the unknown,

fear grips and holds tight the little girl.

Standing close to daddy, I feel her pressing to my side.

Whispers “you won’t leave me alone will you?”

“Promise you’ll stay with me.”

The dentist shows a caring air,

yet calm still hasn’t found my girl.

The mask goes on, a father sits helplessly in trust of a stranger,

as his baby is relieved of reality.

Shiny tools surround the chair, each with the goal of correction,

unaware of the grinding cuts, the tooth is finally freed.

Up she sits with a throbbing ache where the problem once was,

make it stop, it hurts she cries.

I hold her tight wanting to absorb her pain,

tears stream down reddened cheeks.

I choke back my inner cries,

feeling that I’ve not protected her.


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