The assemblage brings seekers each trying to find their way,

entering the hall where nothing and everything awaits.

Small talk for the nervous newcomers, what will we do?

Those with history stay to themselves, keepers of a fraternal truth.

A shared meal and brief instruction and silence begins,

speaking is no longer verbal but just nods and grins.

We are collectively alone yet completely one

seated in rows, legs crossed, looking into forever.

Breathing is heard, is this mine or theirs?

Inward so peaceful, the exhale with purpose.

Time dissipates and reality becomes now,

the vision of life begins to appear.

A center, a place or a being unknown,

the beauty of creation opens before me.

The gong quietly rings and I am forcefully removed

from a place I long to stay.

Eyes open, looks of joy from so many fellow travelers

faces telling of a wonderful journey.

As one we are guided to our rooms for sleep,

anxious to start early the next day.

Rest comes quickly, yet I’m awake before the sun,

ready to encounter peace once again.

No one is tardy for such an experience.



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