What many thought of as a forever love

actually was just a heart on fire.

The commitment vows promising to forever endure,

begin to erase as the fantasy becomes a challenge.

Dreams of together marching into life, a companion always by the side,

change quickly into a combatant with no thought of retreat.

Divorce is the final acknowledgement of what

was overlooked in the pursuit of love.

Truth can be a destructive force, when a lie needs exposing.

Cleansing pain, clearing us to expand and grow into what love truly is.

The lesson of understanding of love’s meaning by first learning what it is not.

Choose growth and live in happiness.

See yourself honestly, not a focus on others.

Evolve, and the page turns,

failure and the story remains the same.


1 Comment

  1. dropopp.com said,

    January 23, 2012 at 8:42 am

    we women live in fantasy about life while men live in the logical world…if we could have that balance instead of the fairy tale dream relationship we all hope for, maybe we could find true happiness…I was divorced to. Im trying to live in reality now like a guy does. I hate it..;) cuz its not being true to myself…oh well…being a woman is hard.

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