Chloe and Juicy…

They came home as a pair, not knowing a moment apart,

two adorable kittens, the cutest in the box.

We left that afternoon without the thought of gaining a pet,

damn those pushers sitting in the storefront, furballs crawling in every direction.

Creation holds nothing so cute, the rough tongue licks my face,

children overly entranced, parents easily swayed.

Knowing the work awaiting as kids promises fade,

home these two come, our lives forever changed.

One grew athletic and lean, her sister quite rotund,

little interest indoors, everyday an adventure.

Presents left at our door, their hearts sharing love,

half a bird, part of a rat, of course an unforgettable rabbit.

Years have past and now there is one, the unseparated now apart,

wanders aimlessly, feeling alone.

The collective family lap eases the pain as she purrs away dreaming of better times.

Each day gets a little better.


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