The Bible.

Words to inspire, stories of hope,

a message of inclusion, love unfolding.

Mercy withheld, kept at a price,

available to only those who’ve signed the pledge.

Peaceful teachings tossed aside,

the war machine a new sponsor.

Strange bedfellows, overlook such facts,

a crusade to reclaim, bulldozed by might.

A misquoted verse, proclaimed to advance,

holy mission of destruction, ordered from above.

Sadness the sight of such beautiful words,

used as a whore of one’s pleasing,

while dancing ponies dressed in sparkles distract the ugly truth.

Divide and conquer, the killers shout,

make them like us, red words weep.

Love doesn’t wear a flag nor sing a select song while seeking an enemy.

Hugs to all, make us one.

God says hush!

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