Second Chance Dad…

Memories of a childhood so full of laughter and promise

suddenly snatched away.

Fighting to make you not forget

the man who loves you so.

Watching you grow from afar

not given a voice or direction.

Nights of sadness, days filled with sorrow,

a heart broken.

A steady path maintained

always ready for you to come home.

The phone rings, “I need a change”

a room now needing a makeover.

To make a home for one so dear who I thought was gone forever.



The phone rings and much changes

not for the worse just different.

Happy to hear the news that will impact me,

internally the gears are at work planning the strategy of new.

Stability comes from within

not a reflection of outward events.

Focus on the core

change is a welcome friend.

Dandelions of Winter…

Watching the snow begin to delicately fall

on this cold winter’s morning.

Each flake drifting a measured path pushed by an irrational wind.

The sun’s light glowing brightly through the trees

creating sparkles in every direction.

My backyard looks like the heavens

blew a great big dandelion just for fun.

Who can resist such a treat.

No Surrender…


Pressure from all around seeks to steal my breath

hoping I release my grip on joy.

My choice to surrender and succumb

or fight for growth.

Today I come out swinging.



Firmly planted in my chair

my heart dances a jig.

Good news finds me today

after keeping its distance for awhile.

My mind freely spills its storage jar of running dialogue

staining my past but not my present.

Balance kept my battery charged

as the drain became severe.

Now with positive news

balance again demands perspective.

Whether the tide comes in

or flows back out to sea,

I must maintain a steady view of the horizon.

In all things…calm.


Desire takes us from our best

replaces sadly with what we want.

Forcing a fix to get a goal,

brings both accomplishment and loss.

Creation provides relief to our wandering heart

if we allow it to care.

Roadblocks and turn signs

to give us a life more peaceful.

But want is a powerful beast to tame.

Be mindful the direction leaves blow,

as a tailwind can be quite a friend.

Live without fighting.


Stopping the consequence of a choice made

happens only in mythical dreams.

Unraveling decisions often take a lifetime

of painful reminders and what ifs.

Reality allows a forward march

yet the past is always present.

Praying the end will soon appear

opens questions about divine will.

Blame to all, focus nothing on self

the trap remains.

Find possibility in courage and perseverance

a new man awaits.

Embrace pain.

Mind Games…

Sunshine on a cold winters day

splashes warmth upon my face.

Draws my gaze to the sky

as a smile arches upward.

Standing with arms outstretched

soon I’m reminded of winter.

The jacket hanging on my chair

does a chilled body little good.

Cold is here to stay

but patches of sun remain most welcome.


When the answer is no and you do not resist…

the journey begins.

When the answer is no and you don’t seek another approach…

the journey begins.

When the answer is no and you don’t argue…

the journey begins.

When the answer is no and you don’t think ill of another…

the journey begins.

When no is the answer and you accept it as growth…

the journey has begun.

Embrace no.

First Snow…

The streetlight suddenly lost its brilliance

as snow drifts down from the sky.

White darts indiscriminately shoot about

seeking a target to embrace.

Pale grass and brown leaves now frosted

in the purest white.

For a moment a gentle blanket of calm covers the ground,

uninterrupted by even the slightest imperfection.

Soon footprints change the view,

as kids joyfully play while chased by pets in this winters gift.

All is well.

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