Husband and wife,

tired, not of each other.

Grind of life wears them down,

answering the bell to others.

Leaving little time for themselves,

missing that look found deep in a partners eye.

Happy home full of beautiful children,

depleted energy to enjoy.

The alarm goes off early,

too many projects on the list.

Bed becomes a place to collapse,

shared by the littlest of ladies.

Dreams of what once was,

hopes of what will be.

Love understood in depth,

a choice to honor and receive.

Not what imagined, so much more.




Still a scar remains, though hidden from view,

the mind not letting go.

A boy now a man, still remembers the day,

a crushing blow split his face.

It came from one he trusted and thought he loved,

at least as love was understood.

The pain was numbing, too much to comprehend,

blood gushed from his face.

Unsure whether to cry or run, bravely he stood,

not breaking the stare.

The man’s transgression now filled him with shame,

“I’m sorry” he proclaimed.

There it is, the man’s abuse the boy withstood,

not broken only scarred.

When their eyes met again, both knew the secret and the score,

shared by none but not forgotten.

A shifting of scales, today the boy walks his head held high,

tomorrow it begins again.

Will he stay lucky?


Your appearance is rather unattractive,

your moniker something quite bland.

When your name is suggested,

most quickly turn away.

Even in the store found in a confined space

away from the sexy peppers in their rainbow colors.

Sitting there like an unwanted puppy at the pound,

shoppers never giving you a second glance.

If they only knew the delicacy that awaits

from sampling you sauteed with a little wine.

Instead of a cast-off space filler,

you would be a prominent attraction.

Oh lovely turnip, thank you for showing me the way.


Vapid stillness bellows within the brain,

not a creative juice to flow.

Windows providing a place to stare

at nothing in particular.

Leaves rusting from the sudden gust

provide a flash of interest.

An overfilled mind needing respite

from the banal trivialities of life.

Alone with no thoughts or attachments

not altogether unpleasant.

Full Glass…


I partake in the spirit of the vine

apologies to none.

Loud opinions voice concern,

the devils brew.

Were they to be alone, a shared communion to follow,

before another angry, temperance reigns.

Handmade beauty, pairing man and nature

creating a tranquil blend.

Each sip a romance best shared with a friend.

Chastity of the glass, an imposed cruel burden,

the unknown gift awaits.

Keep my glass full, my friends nearby,

harmony the song played.

Connection to the gods and all mankind,

from one small grape.

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.”   -Galileo Galilei


Carefully sliced, ever so thin,

the perfect enhancement to any meal.

Subtile and strong, aroma unmistakable,

seemingly impossible to overuse.

Tossed with care and a dash of oil,

passion flows from the stove.

Stinginess is no friend, generosity a plus.

Whatever the menu, now improved,

interest immediately peaked.

An unassuming clove so benign in sight,

changing a common dinner into a delightful entree.

Demands a glass of wine, the perfect pair,

Euphoria at the table.



Surrounded by the warmth layers of blankets provide

on a cold winters night.

Sleep interrupted by a piercing cry.

Too loud to ignore, too continuous to dismiss.

Stumbling to to back door in search of answers,

the continued sorrow rang forth.

Nature is both beautiful and cruel, especially to the prey.

The kill was slow and agonizing, death didn’t come easily.

A moment shared while the creature transitioned,

unable to protect or help.

Soon quiet enveloped the night, the journey for our friend

had begun.

Praying for a new life in a land of herbivores.


Dawn breaks, light begins its procession,

slowly color makes a swath across the valley.

Haze of grey transforming into explosive amber,

vibrant green, brilliant purple, and redding browns.

Morning welcomes the day.

A portrait prepared to remind all the glory

of beautiful love found in nature.

Blessed indeed.


A right brained boy working in a left brained job

each day focused on perfection.

Accounts to be managed and research a key,

the mind seeking adventure.

Negotiation avails little, creativity seeks release,

just finish this last project.

A constant dialogue between left and right,

one demanding exploration the other supreme attention.

Battle lines are drawn, each day a new victor,

who wins today?

A long hike on the trail will surely help.

The Look…

Fourteen years ago our eyes first met,

a connection realized.

Across the room we held each others gaze

accepting the gift we found that day.

Slowly through the masses we moved towards the other,

heart racing uncontrollably.

The crowd seemed to part as we approached,

no obstructions to love.

A brief instant, frozen in the mind,

the smile that welcomed me.

A quiet voice inside prompting,

“my name is Mike and I’d really like to meet you”

spilled out before I was aware.

From that day we’ve never looked back or elsewhere…

as Rumi said, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.”

I believe that.

Happy Valentines Day my love.

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