Minutia Manifesto…

To all the people in my world, today I’m drawing a hard line between us.   Well maybe not all, but certainly some.  This line will be drawn on the closer side to me of the line drawn by you and the divisive nature of your involvement.  For years I’ve enjoyed your presence in my life but it seems that time has run it’s course.  The hatred and anger spewed forth by you and your comrades is too much to endure.

I admit I was once one of you many years back.  I shared your outlook, passion, and quest for being in the right.  For whatever reason my path has diverged from yours and taken a less ordinary route.  I regret nothing of the journey my life has followed nor the people such a trail has allowed me to encounter.  Good people, loving people, people who I had been taught to avoid and be wary of embracing.  Boy, were they wrong.

Each day I see your anger flashed before me through differing forms of communication, a constant barrage of hate and pettiness.  My mind lacks understanding of how the desire of being right becomes so important that it separates and castigates so many people.  Where is the love?  Is there no value in humanity?  Community?  I had dreams that your life would be overflowing with happiness and joy, full of family, closeness, generosity, and positive impact.  You carried so much promise yet let division invade your soul and thump compassion into submission.

I am but a fragile pile of lumpy clay still working through the potters refinement.  Each day I awaken with hope for a glorious day to share but see the disparaging words you vent hoping I don’t have that option.  When did being part of something so imaginary and uncharitable  become the driving force in your world?  Rhetoric is thrown carelessly out unconcerned by who it encounters.  You demand I either embrace this way of thought or be castigated to the Neverworld of untouchables.  Power seems to reduce calm but fortify anger.

Enough of the demeaning groupings you demand I join, enough of the shouts of preservation you seek, enough of the only means to wholeness by your hands…

One of the first lessons in selling reefer I learned was taught to me by a dear friend.  Don’t smoke your own dope.  It makes you stupid.  Friends, you kid yourselves thinking the world is becoming better for your efforts.  A world of war isn’t a world worth living.  Choosing to fight a straw man instead of looking at ourselves and dealing honestly together on solutions represents more a playground behavior than the adult one we postulate.

It’s a shame that political disunion is what motivates you.  It’s sad that each day you seek to dishonor the character of those around you.  It’s pitiful that people walk in and out of your life but you are blind to them due to the tinted leanings of your glasses.  So much good out there, dismissed because it’s just not enough like you.  (or at least what you imagine yourself to be)

I wish I could say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” but that wouldn’t be honest.  It is you and I’m breaking up with you because your a bore and a mean spirited ass.  Life is too short and complex on it’s own accord to add the angst of you to the mix.  I had hoped for more…maybe I am just a dreamer.

Wrap yourself in your flag and shout your rancor from the mountaintop.  Continue the fight.  Know this, your words fall on deaf ears as the perseveration echos like a banging gong, loud and obnoxious, without impact except to annoy.

Me, I’ll be out smelling the flowers and enjoying long walks in the woods.  If not there, maybe sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with the hodgepodge of humanity providence has offered for my enjoyment.

And no, I won’t be looking back.



  1. robin hurley said,

    February 7, 2012 at 10:23 am

    Hey Mike,
    I would ask you to reconsider this decision I to have had to reconsider my same decision to cut people off by drawing lines in my sandbox. But God has helped me begin to see with new glasses. I still suck at using these new glasses in so many ways, yet the Holy Spirit is guiding me in this. Please consider watching this video which summarizes the struggle you and I face in this regard. It is very illuminating. It is not some religious mumbo jumbo which I think both you and I are fed up with. As someone who loves you and has always respected you and the light of Christ that shines out of your life, please consider watching it. The section from 18:30 minutes to about 55 minutes gives the most incredible summary of what we know in our hearts but have little context to place it in and thus our frustration. This could be the most important 37 minutes of your life and mine. http://vimeo.com/35920376

    Your brother in Christ
    Rob Hurley

  2. fourcrickets said,

    February 7, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Mike — one of the many reasons I gravitated toward your friendship is for the way you use the word, “brother.” There’s meaning in that word that transcends blood. And brother, you said a mouthful here. You are, among other things, one who values ‘dog’ (truly a sign that you recognize enlightenment when you see it, or smell it) over ‘dogma.’ Please keep writing, and keep riding the peacetrain.
    Your brother in humanity, Jerry

  3. peacetrain5 said,

    February 7, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    cool brother…

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