Warning came and alerted us to the danger,

tornados heading our way,

Gathering supplies for the long night ahead,

hoping we didn’t have to use them.

Watching the weatherman on TV,

showing our home soon in the storms path.

Is it time to head to the storm room constructed for such an event?

A little while longer, let’s wait,

trying to not accept the inevitable.

Suddenly sirens blared warning of dangers arrival,

into the safe room to ride out the tempest.

Howling winds from outside, branches hitting the roof,

rain pounding away at everything in its path.

Lightening so bright as to be seen through closed doors,

thunder shaking the house to its core.

Huddled together in an anxious ball,

praying for safety and an end to the madness.

Suddenly a change, quiet could be heard,

the storm had passed and taken it’s show down the road.

Be kind to the next family you meet,

my words to the storm.

Give them reason to come together,

but cause them no pain.

Today this one family feels closer because of your visit.


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