Today the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.  What an encouraging time.  By no means was this expected as the tilt of the court certainly favors a political decision going against the ACA.

Of all the features that this bill offers, the measure that prevents denying coverage due to pre-existing coverage is the most upbeat.  How many children and adults get sick and even die as a result of unattainable medical care?  The answer, too many.

I am saddened but not surprised for the lack of support on this issue from the evangelical church.  My God if there ever was a landmark PRO-LIFE issue, this was it.  But it seems the only life that matters is the one in a womb.  Shame on them for letting politics determine the betterment of mankind.

The mirror stares back blankly.


On the way home today from the Post Office, I noticed a turtle sunning himself in the middle of the road.  He didn’t seem to mind the peril that faced him as traffic barreled by in both directions.  I admit, laying in the sun is a relaxing encounter and provides plenty of peaceful calm.

However, this dude would be dead in a short period of time unless he was removed from the road quickly.  I pulled my car to a stop in the road and got out and picked up my placid friend.  He seemed rather disturbed to have his mellow harshed but I picked him up none the less.  After carrying him to the edge of the woods he seemed to look back with gratitude, maybe that part was just in my head, but one never knows.

Life is valuable, all life.  Until we can see the worth of all life, no matter how small and insignificant one can never fully appreciate the meaning of any life.  To do for those who cannot benefit us raises our awareness with the universe that surrounds us.



Recently I asked God a question, “how can so many believe so differently about you, each so confident they alone posses the one true path?”  It was a simple concern that a mighty God should be able to answer without much effort I thought initially.  Imagine my surprise when a still small voice echoed in the quiet.  “Beats me”

Then everything made sense.



His stare intimidating, his thoughts unknown,

he seems angry.

It’s an annual event, the shaving of the dog,

a new breed created by the buzz of a razor.

Once so majestic and regal,

the look of a bear, a visual unique.

He must have noticed as he walked past the mirror,

something just not the same.

The focus unnerving, plotting revenge maybe?

Best to watch my back until the hair grows full again.


I’m not so positive in all I believe,

just fairly confident much of what I learned fails me now.

Certitude not a label I embrace

answers all contained within me, rather scary.

Doubt my new best friend,

questions clear the path to the confidence of unknowing.

Without boundaries dreams grow to outsized reality,

walking through life freely with unmatched possibility.



Towards a life fulfilled, a mission accepted,

seeking the promise of today not pearly gates someday.

Striding forward without regret,

leaving a trial of awe.

Putting anger and pride on a carriage out of town,

meeting the train offloading joy.

Let the tombstone proclaim a definite yes,

leave the No for someone else.


Show love by being gentle and appreciating the life others live,

find ways to encourage and build up your brother.

Seek another’s excellence and celebrate his strengths,

Live hand in hand with those most unlike you.

Worry little about being right or the most honorable,

words bring little importance to life.

Be led to hug and hold those in distress,

stand along those being persecuted.

Present boldly a life against the stream,

focus on being true to the monkey inside.

Sing loudly with those who have found joy,

even if it’s not yours.

Enjoy the quiet, live without background static,

hear what’s really important.

Start every conversation with a smile,

spend more time listening and much less talking.

Look fully into the eye of the one you converse,

have nothing else to do.

Don’t cheat yourself out of joy, be kind to your soul,

forgive easily personal shortcomings.

Let others win at games, enjoy the time not the outcome,

dance freely to the music.

Let the toast be for others, fill their glass more full,

together enjoy the cause of life.

Smile at children, speak to cashiers and trashmen,

overtip a waitress, let them know they’re alive and valuable.

Stare out a window at nothing in particular,

as rain blurs the view.

Pet the stray, move a turtle from the road, watch a butterfly dance.

When there is doubt, be kind,

enjoy life fully.


The letter came in the mail yesterday,

proof that I’m still alive.

Showing a milestone of sorts,

one I had little control over.

All I had to do was breath during the day,

sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

Seems like a very minimal requirement on my part,

sometimes taking the challenge too lightly to enter the club.

While the day commemorates stalling death

it also signifies opportunity.

Has this life made a difference,

or just another mouth breather?

AARP tells me something’s different about me now,

the question grows louder.

What will I do with the life remaining?