Show love by being gentle and appreciating the life others live,

find ways to encourage and build up your brother.

Seek another’s excellence and celebrate his strengths,

Live hand in hand with those most unlike you.

Worry little about being right or the most honorable,

words bring little importance to life.

Be led to hug and hold those in distress,

stand along those being persecuted.

Present boldly a life against the stream,

focus on being true to the monkey inside.

Sing loudly with those who have found joy,

even if it’s not yours.

Enjoy the quiet, live without background static,

hear what’s really important.

Start every conversation with a smile,

spend more time listening and much less talking.

Look fully into the eye of the one you converse,

have nothing else to do.

Don’t cheat yourself out of joy, be kind to your soul,

forgive easily personal shortcomings.

Let others win at games, enjoy the time not the outcome,

dance freely to the music.

Let the toast be for others, fill their glass more full,

together enjoy the cause of life.

Smile at children, speak to cashiers and trashmen,

overtip a waitress, let them know they’re alive and valuable.

Stare out a window at nothing in particular,

as rain blurs the view.

Pet the stray, move a turtle from the road, watch a butterfly dance.

When there is doubt, be kind,

enjoy life fully.


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