Opening night awaits, the run sold out,

the gift of a wonderful role.

No time to hold back or play safe,

throw self to the winds without hesitation.

Give the patrons a chance to unwind,

to tap their feet and laugh.

Two hours of merriment,

a chance to temporarily free the soul.

Oftentimes, pause is the most important gift

needed by so many.


Morning comes with you beside me,

eyes awaken to see my bride.

A random encounter that magical day,

here we are fourteen years later.

You’ve taken my dreams and given them expansion,

my heart warm in your embrace.

Outside struggles that have drawn us closer,

we are one, we are family.

Wanting nothing more than the kindness given,

content and at peace with our love.

Growing old with my friend, no greater gift.


Friday Night…


They sit across the crowed restaurant eyes focused on their meals,

a Friday night tradition.

Trying hard to make a dreadful situation tolerable,

Dad and the kids force a smile to each other.

Every other weekend this is their life,

making the best of a horrible situation.

Conversations were easy, laughter flowed freely, eyes once held a sparkle,

when all lived together.

Now extreme effort to make this arrangement palatable,

everything is strange and foreign.

Scanning the room, there’s another, and a third,

how do I recognize them?

Sadly, I lived it.



A beautiful heart trapped in a misinformed mind,

living a life of confusion.

Told from an early age, he doesn’t care,

it’s only you and me.

When his actions failed to match the teachings,

chaos would erupt as the saddened parent wept.

“You don’t love me,”  “I’m the one who really cares,”

guilt brought her back to the land of crazy.

She reaches out wanting to have more from him who she loves,

each time, reeled back to the sanctuary of pity.

One day the captors chains will be broken,

the prisoner we see who shut her down.

A day of reckoning and honesty,

no manipulation will overcome.



My mind fighting to remind me of all it considers important,

while my heart patiently awaits the opportunity to clarify.


My daughter told me the other day of a strange sight she witnessed.  After getting out of her car she started to walk towards the house.  Her eye was attracted to a movement towards her right side.  She paused, then looked only to see the family cat stand up and stretch from its many slumbers in the back yard.  She was shocked to then see another animal bolt upright next to the cat seemingly alarmed to have been caught.  When my daughter was able to make out what she witnessed, she just stood still in disbelief.  As the family pet meowed and moved towards her, the cats new friend, the deer scampered away into the woods.

It’s not everyday one sees a cat and a deer lying beside each other taking a nap and enjoying the warmth of a summer afternoon.  Maybe its best no camera was available as the image in my mind is so much more spectacular than what film could have ever captured.

Who says who we are supposed to be friendly towards?  Why can’t we all get along even if we are glaringly dissimilar?  Apparently nature works differently than humans.


Things I wish the Evangelical Church could hear and understand.

  1. Signs outside church buildings with pithy warnings of Hell only serve as a point of amusement for the average passerby.  One may think they are clever and informative, most think these updates show great insensitivity.
  2. Political opinions, regardless of affiliation, destroy the credibility of the church.  One of the main reasons people are leaving the church in droves is because they see this entwining for the fornication that it truly is.  Think about this when voter cards are passed out on Sundays, somehow one side just happens to completely disagree with the church’s outspoken stance.  It can be safely stated nowhere in the teachings of the master does he endorse a chosen political party.  Isolating half the population and thinking of them as a combatant to the faithful further discredits the church’s mission which is unity and love.
  3. Seeking out fabricated enemies to create a culture of fear whereby the fault of all that’s bad in life happens because you’re not inside these particular church walls is beyond disingenuous, it’s evil.  Using fear to keep the faithful under control, while an effective tool, is manipulative and destructive vehicle that creates unthinking robots who fear their own shadow.
  4. If the church would teach it’s members the use of the word “why” and put it into practice as a regular part of gathered times together, positive, healthy, thinking followers could be produced.  The kind of people who ask questions and find answers themselves instead of just accepting what has forever been approved, but this would take deeper work by leaders.  Instead the church has mastered the use of the word “how” to detail it’s purpose with step by step instructions detailing life’s specific instruction book for anything and everything.  The church is masterful at the method of ‘sit still and instill’ type of learning yet fails miserably in the process of ‘synthesis’ level of leaning where people assimilate for themselves by assembling truth from many sources and creating a thoughtful outcome specific to their need.
  5. The only people that don’t see the misdirection the church applies to certain topics/sins is the church themselves.  For an institution to focus so much effort railing against specific issues while neglecting so many other important ones diminishes its street cred and will forever make the church unattractive to outsiders irrespective of how hip, modern, or unconventional they may try to portray themselves.

Love alone is enough, at least it was for Jesus.



A memory wasted,

love withheld, isolated and alone.

A life of paranoia,

fear of losing a possession.

A lesson for the observer,

people give value to life,

things just clutter.



As the challenges mount,


As the battles grow,


As opposition increases,


As frustration seems insurmountable,


When backed in a corner,


You can do this…

just breathe.


If he only saw

the wonder of her heart,

confusion would stop, enjoyment could’ve begun.

If he only knew

the love she had for him,

he would have called himself a lucky man.

Twisted turmoil, insecurity, and pride

let her slip away unknown.

An epic blunder, unable to correct.