My daughter told me the other day of a strange sight she witnessed.  After getting out of her car she started to walk towards the house.  Her eye was attracted to a movement towards her right side.  She paused, then looked only to see the family cat stand up and stretch from its many slumbers in the back yard.  She was shocked to then see another animal bolt upright next to the cat seemingly alarmed to have been caught.  When my daughter was able to make out what she witnessed, she just stood still in disbelief.  As the family pet meowed and moved towards her, the cats new friend, the deer scampered away into the woods.

It’s not everyday one sees a cat and a deer lying beside each other taking a nap and enjoying the warmth of a summer afternoon.  Maybe its best no camera was available as the image in my mind is so much more spectacular than what film could have ever captured.

Who says who we are supposed to be friendly towards?  Why can’t we all get along even if we are glaringly dissimilar?  Apparently nature works differently than humans.


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  1. July 5, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    That sounds cool – nature channel at your home. Who needs cable?

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