Taking a Break…

Our family took the this summer off from church.  This wasn’t a deliberate act in fact, it occurred quite organically.  Like most busy families we have our share of commitments that keep us hoping about from one situation to the next.  I accept other families are equally as active and they still manage to show up each Sunday ready to take on the world.  But not us.  We were just tired and needed some rest.

This was beyond just sleeping in, which by the way is quite freeing to a mind entrapped by so much guilt.  After a while the many voices in my head just collectively shut up and let me alone.  The depth of slumber was new and welcomed as a positive addition to an overwrought life.

Our Sunday mornings became events of family togetherness.  Suddenly I felt the urge to create masterful banquets for our family to feast upon.  Time previously spent trying to stay awake quietly beside my kids in a pew were replaced with joyous celebration and great conversation.  We found time to go and do things together which was the opposite of our disjointed lives spent meeting so many valued responsibilities.

So maybe we were in church, just a different version from the norm.  Maybe having determined time together without a boxful of aught to’s where we worship together the joy of community within our small little part of the world.  To me this has been such a meaningful time I’ve treasured for it’s simplicity and pure genuineness.

What will we do next week now that summer is basically over?  Beats me.


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