Colors once so vibrant and true

reluctantly begin their assent towards the ground.

No longer able to draw the attention of my eye,

instead choosing to wither and drift away.

New shades, much more subdued but no less beautiful

replace the former.

Dancing colors of summer make way for the soothing comfort of autumn,

dark purples, muted oranges, and deep reds painting the billowing canopies.

Hues intended to drawn us close to each other and this lovely creation,

Fall brings out the best in us all.


After almost three years of living a vegetarian lifestyle, I quit.   I quit not because I found this custom unpalatable nor because of a deep longing for charred flesh.  Instead it was simply because my family had endured my choice long enough.  As the person responsible for meals in our home we had no lacking in creative efforts and colorful meat-free dishes.  I took great pride in researching clever ways to make eating a vegetable driven diet quite refined.

But I guess enough is enough.  Little hints and innuendoes would drift harmlessly about the home at mealtime.  “Oh great, eggplant again.”  Soon I found myself without much company as dinner time arrived, the rest of the family seemed to have other things that conflicted with dinner.  “We’ll just pick up something to eat while we’re out,” I would hear again and again.

While I had no deep hankering for anything meaty, well almost nothing, I did harbor deep rooted lust for bacon.  In my heart I kept hearing these words replayed, “I’f I ever decide to break this diet it will be because of bacon.”  The enemy knows our weak spots.

So one night while out for dinner with the family I listened as each of them ordered differing versions of over the top meat entrees, I realized my days were numbered.  This is bigger than me, it’s about the community of our family.  When the waitress came to me my daughters seemed distracted knowing I soon would be ordering a salad or some other benign meal for dinner.  After a carefully considered pause I heard the words come out of my mouth before I realized what happened.  I felt my soul reaching out and trying to grab those words back out of mid-air and pretend nothing happened.  I couldn’t help myself.

I ordered chicken wings, the spicy kind with deep flavor and tons of garlic, I don’t know when I’ve ever enjoyed something so much.  With cameras flashing around the table to record the moment, I dug in.