Lessons learned camping at a music festival.

  1. An air mattress is a necessity not an option.  Better still, a Sleep Select mattress.  Trying to use two comforters on the hard ground may be fitting for a young buck but certainly not for an out of shape middle aged man.  I awoke literally sore in every part of my body.
  2. Sleep is not a priority for most campers.  The after concert parties seem to go on all night long and keeping quiet for the old men trying to sleep wasn’t close to important.  When I say parties I mean the hooping and hollering all night kind.  Turns out, most campers sleep in the daytime, this would have been good information to have known beforehand.
  3. Privacy doesn’t exist.  Tents are placed seemingly on top of each other and everything that happens manages to be a group event.  Middle of the night sneezes are excused by caring neighbors and sleeping farts are group giggled.
  4. Early morning pee runs can be a terrifying adventure.  Trying to dodge sleeping neighbors passed out haphazardly while desperately avoiding sit down invitations for conversations all the while trying to stay focused on the prize port-a-potty across the field.  All this with little light to work with and a perpetual haze, not to mention the soreness from a poor nights sleep creates a Herman Munster type gait.
  5. Warmth and acceptance really rule the event.  Even though the hours may be opposite of the norm, sing-alongs and campfire chats are found everywhere.  No strangers exist as a come on in just as you are attitude prevails the campers.  Everything is shared and nothing is expected back except kindness, somethings though I must admit, didn’t need to be shared.

Community comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.  I was grateful for the pleasure of meeting some really fine people who totally dig life in the now.


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