Songbird stamp-1

A smile so pure and innocent, energy without end,

ideas and dreams continuously explode in her head.

Holding nothing back, she has a thought to share,

from the silly to the sublime, serious to scary,

her heart pours forth.

A family that makes her feel safe,

imagination set free.

Sings more than speaks,

harmony so tender.

A gift of song to touch the heart

bringing tears to a parents eyes.

A talent to be shared, enjoyed by more,

awe of the divine resonance exalted.

Need for security more valued,

than standing before the applause.

This gift reserved for home,

private concerts on her time.

Adults slow to understand and accept,

the nature of this one.

So unlike them yet so much like herself,

with no reason for change.

We get it now.


Late Night Snack…

Deer in the headlights

The beasts were stirred up and not willing to relent.  Shouts of “be quiet” and “no” had zero effect whatsoever.  Unable to cease their expression of concern I put them in the room without a view of the yard allowing them to stare at our neighbors garage.  Even behind closed doors I could hear the low rumblings of discontent coming from the dogs, yet my efforts to quiet them were met with greater resistance.

The sky seemed empty that evening except for the glow of the moon which cast an eerie haze upon objects in the horizon, a dark night resembling a sixties horror movie.  Now all that was required was something sinister.

The beasts continued their warnings without any break in sincerity.  Whatever was out there certainly had captured their attention.  Trying to slowly sneak off to bed and enjoy  a restful nights sleep I glanced one last time out the front window.  Something unusual caught my attention.  Misshapen images appeared in my yard.  The night’s hazy view limited a clear understanding of what I was seeing.

I stood transfixed allowing my eyes to adjust and like turning the focus knob on a microscope, soon I understood what caused my beasts such alarm.  There before me stood half a dozen deer of various sizes taking in a late night snack on my newly seeded winter grass.  It must have been tasty as they seemed to dine in peace without a care in the world.  Rigidly I stood viewing this wondrous sight trying to not make a sound thereby sending my guests fleeing into the night.

About that time my daughter came bounding down the stairs needing my immediate attention as it was now way past tucking in time and she couldn’t go to sleep without our nightly ritual.  As I turned to tell her to be still I feared what I would see when I turned back around to look again at my evenings entertainment.  Sure enough they had gone.  Left for another quick bite maybe this time without any interruptions.

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She plays innocently alone while her parents watch their favorite television show in a darkened room nearby, only the glow of entertainment offers light.  Suddenly without warning the power goes out throwing the house into complete and utter darkness.  Calmly, the father walks to the cupboard, slowly grabbing for familiar objects to guide his way when suddenly his little darling daughter screams in panic.

The Father now emboldened by her fear turns on his inward parental night googles and dashes feverishly towards her upstairs bedroom.  “Daddy”, “Daddy”, “Daddy” echoes through the house.  The father yells “I’m coming, just listen for my voice.”  Cries of panic shriek in the dark.

The father doesn’t tell her to come to him, making her weave through the dark stairwell, instead he goes straight to her, without pause talking out loud, reassuring her with with each step.  Reaching the princess chamber the father scoops up the crying child huddled in the corner of her room.  He stands still holding her tight telling her all is going to be alright and there is nothing more to be afraid of.

Gradually the anxiety passes while still holding the angel ever so tightly.  Slowly they embark down the stairs while she constricts his hand until together with mom they all embrace on the couch quietly in the dark.

The princess sleeps well that night knowing her protector is real.