She plays innocently alone while her parents watch their favorite television show in a darkened room nearby, only the glow of entertainment offers light.  Suddenly without warning the power goes out throwing the house into complete and utter darkness.  Calmly, the father walks to the cupboard, slowly grabbing for familiar objects to guide his way when suddenly his little darling daughter screams in panic.

The Father now emboldened by her fear turns on his inward parental night googles and dashes feverishly towards her upstairs bedroom.  “Daddy”, “Daddy”, “Daddy” echoes through the house.  The father yells “I’m coming, just listen for my voice.”  Cries of panic shriek in the dark.

The father doesn’t tell her to come to him, making her weave through the dark stairwell, instead he goes straight to her, without pause talking out loud, reassuring her with with each step.  Reaching the princess chamber the father scoops up the crying child huddled in the corner of her room.  He stands still holding her tight telling her all is going to be alright and there is nothing more to be afraid of.

Gradually the anxiety passes while still holding the angel ever so tightly.  Slowly they embark down the stairs while she constricts his hand until together with mom they all embrace on the couch quietly in the dark.

The princess sleeps well that night knowing her protector is real.


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