Forever heard the constant drone

a looped echo bouncing in the head

Respite a distant dream

words of a careless adult once said.

Clung to like a sacred relic stone

trophy of no acclaim

Private display of an inward moan

sad eyes tell the story.

Charming prince missed her stop

biting nails she pines

Someday rescue will make her whole

not seeing peace on her own.



A master of the air rifle, time to take the next step,

the heavy length of steel awkwardly braced against a shoulder.

The target before the boy flung skyward,

the disc arcing further away.

With great care aim was taken,

pulling the trigger immediately thrust him to the ground.

Standing bravely a passage crossed,

inwardly never wanting to shoot again.

Now a man having never possessed a need for a weapon,

wonders in an evil world if he should reconsider.

Fear of accidents too intense,

concerns outweigh any potential need.

No other choice but providence,

trusting with care and protection.

Seems like a faithful choice for a believer.