By her killing tiny Bailey her doom was sealed,

I’m certain no malice was felt towards her.

A terrible ending to a negative encounter,

together they’ve resided for many years.

All avenues led to one choice, most humane but also most final.

Morning arrangement made,

watching the hands move slowly round the clock.

This last day made special with snacks and brushing,

extra loving keeping anxiety at bay.

Beside me she sat knowing today would be unlike any other,

whimpering cries leaking hidden fear.

As the hour approached the leash was grabbed,

walking sadly into the darkened room.

She sat there alone, bolt upright, ready for what awaited her.

One last car ride, staring out the window deep in thought,

unwilling to exit, she backed away to the far side of the car.

Starring at me in the bright room she’d known for healing,

sadness gave way to acceptance.

The pink fluid slowly released into her body, her eyes narrowed.

I tell her of my love and wish her peaceful rest,

petting her furry head those once vibrant eyes began to close.

I stare helplessly as the shades are drawn,

and light is no more.

My hope is her last memory is of someone she loved.

Goodbye Beautiful Raven.


1 Comment

  1. Milton said,

    February 26, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    I’m sorry friend.

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