To truly be a respecter of life one has to accept all humanity without qualifications, asterisks, or reserves.  To do otherwise is but playing the part of a fraud looking only for acceptance of self, manifesting destructive behavior defined by a God complex that seeks ultimate power and authority where this is not obviously granted.  Like any bully from the playground when something is desired but is not forthcoming it is taken by greed.  This very greed as practiced by people of faith reveals itself in the form of practitioners wanting to keep the joys of God solely for themselves.  In doing so they mentally assent to the doom of others to satisfy their own shortcomings.  If only they could understand that grace and kindness, love and forgiveness being so bountiful to the believer that giving away ever so little offers so much more in return.

Perpetual purification should be left to moonshiners and kept away from the church.


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