Self Serving Opinions…


Yesterday’s high court ruling on restoring equal rights to gay and lesbian couples and not permitting continued discrimination sent quite a shockwave through the evangelical community.  “The end is here”  “We’ve walked away from our Godly center”  “Our country has forgotten the morals it was founded on”  just to name a few.  I’m waiting for Pat Robertson to have another divinely inspired word from the lord detailing the reason for the rain in New Hampshire is a result of God’s curse on America or some other saw toothed thought. (This just in…Patty came through with his prediction of clamity)

My favorite was from Mike Huckabee, talking head political toad and part time theologian (when it works to his political cause).  In response to the marriage equality ruling yesterday, his simple retort was “Jesus Wept.”  For some reason this hit a raw nerve with me, much more so than the other various opinions fostered.  How could a man who claims to have a theological education (from the same institution as me no less) misuse scripture so blatantly?  I find it maddening how literalists can quote selected passages to support their agenda with no concern as to the context the chosen passage is lifted from.  Jesus wept was describing Jesus at a certain time in his life reacting to a certain event that caused Him sadness.  It is not a bumper sticker slogan that can be used every time someone doesn’t like the outcome of a political referenda.  If there was anything I remembered from my theological education it was this, “text without context is prooftext.”  If I heard that once I heard it one hundred times.  It is not right to use scripture in this fashion, period.

So I imagined that Jesus did speak out on this issue yesterday and what his reply would have been.  I believe he would have said something like this…”Hey Mike, thanks but no thanks for the help, I can speak for myself on the issue.  Please don’t use my words to strengthen your thoughts.  If I have something to say about this I will.  I think you know me well enough by now to know if it is important I’ll address it.”

What Jesus did say about homosexuality….NOTHING!!!


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