I’m tired of all the secondary pastors that have taken over Christendom.  I’ve grow weary of the middle aged adults who have sat in the same type church their entire lives and now deem themselves spiritual guides for the universe.


These oracles have so familiarized themselves with the routines of Sunday that now they feel the need to teach everyone who happens to mistakenly enter their circle of influence.

When God’s word to mankind suddenly and mysteriously became an inerrant and perfect piece of wisdom handed down from God himself to his followers a spiritual maelstrom developed that only those on the outside will ever notice.  The problem exists when an inerrant bible then creates inerrant teachers.  These “leaders” create a wake of destruction and self righteous indignation tumbling behind their march to foster a man made Christian utopia in their own image.   If they can quote a passage, however disjointed from the actual meaning and purpose, then the thinking pursues that their opinion must likewise be without error or flaw.

Suddenly everyone is a leader marching forward issuing papal bulls of their own to an unsuspecting and uninterested crowd.  Doing the work of God takes on a new perspective when seemingly the role of speaking for God as God comes to fruition.

Sadly, the parable of the man pointing his finger towards the moon to reveal the wonder of nighttime’s creation became a focus on the finger doing the pointing thereby missing the intent of seeing the moon clearly.  It’s not a big jump to replace the finger with the bible and the moon with the creator.

Seek to be a follower.  Fear demands believers seek leadership roles for in doing so vulnerability and honesty are bypassed, two beautiful traits found in healthy humans.


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  1. Milton said,

    October 2, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Amen brother!

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